Vaporooter & clearing drains around Melbourne

Long beach plumbing has been busy clearing blocked sewers, treating sewers with vaporooter , blocked septic tanks, blocked waste pipes & blocked stormwater drains from one side of Melbourne to the other. These are some of the suburbs we have work in during the last year . Abbotsford | Albert Park | Armadale | Ascot […]

Vaporooter hits a six

Six reasons why Sanafoam Vaporooter is a better solution than just having your regular plumber unblock the sewer with a sewer snake. 1.       The cutting process encourages new & more aggressive regrowth of tree roots. 2.       It becomes a vicious cycle, reducing the time period between each blockage & increases the frequency of cheques you […]

Pipe camera finds Henry

Henry the Green Engine When clearing a blocked sewer Sandringham with the hydro jetter & pipe camera Longbeach Plumbing came across Henry the green engine in the most unlikely of positions !

Blocked waste pipes

Drain Air gun Longbeach plumbing is regularly called out to clear blocked waste pipes in hampton. Wastes pipes typically used to connect sinks, troughs, basin, shower, baths to the sewer system. Over the years slim, fat, oil , grease, hair, & soap builds up in the waste pipe which cause blockages. These can be cleared […]

Vaporooter saves dollars

Longbeach plumbing was called out during the week to a block of 8 units in Moorabbin to survey a sewer with a pipe camera. Another plumbing company had recommended that a 25 meters section of the sewer be relined due to repeated sewer blockages cause by tree roots in the drain. The sewer had blocked […]

A winter’s tale

A winter’s tale Ahh, winter. The perfect season for cosying up around a roaring fire, popping a roast in the oven and inviting friends and a family over for a lazy Sunday lunch. It might be blowing a gale and raining outside, but inside, it’s all good. Until your drain pipes decide to overflow that […]

Longbeach Plumbing Sanafoam Vaporooter Guarantee

Longbeach Plumbing Sanafoam Vaporooter Guarantee Step One Longbeach Plumbing will clear the sewer blockage with our hydro jetter & leave your sewer clear of tree roots. Step Two Longbeach Plumbing will survey the drain with a pipe camera, to confirm the cause of the blockage. Indentify any tree roots are in the drain. Indentify any […]

Blocked toilet

Longbeach Plumbing was called out to a restaurant in St.Kilda to investigate the cause of a blocked drain last week. We surveyed the drain with a pipe camera which revealed the sewer to be in good condition with no structural problems or tree roots in the drain. Having established that the drain was in working […]

Pipe Camera images

Pipe Camera images A large proportion of Longbeach Plumbing’s work involves surveying drains with a pipe camera. We are often called into a property to clear blocked drains. Once the blocked sewer or blocked stormwater drain has been hydro jetted, the vision from CCTV drain camera reveals the faults within the drain. The problems that […]

Unseen intruders can create chaos

Unseen intruders can create chaos According to the Bureau of Meteorology, last month was Melbourne’s wettest autumn month in a decade. The bureau says 102 millimetres fell on the city last month, making it the wettest April since 2001. It seems that Melbourne’s drought has broken at last. It’s great news for your garden, but […]