Longbeach Plumbing was called out to a restaurant in St.Kilda to investigate the cause of a blocked drain last week. We surveyed the drain with a pipe camera which revealed the sewer to be in good condition with no structural problems or tree roots in the drain. Having established that the drain was in working condition, we investigated what would be the cause of the repeating blocked drains.
We discovered that all the cisterns connected to the blocked drain were all dual flush 4.5/3 litre and the urinal was waterless.  In addition to the minimal water being used, the toilet paper rolls were continuous feed with a cheap band of toilet paper, which does not break down in water & doesn’t shear off.
Factories, hotels & resultants are particularly prone to this type of blockage due the high usage. These types of properties traditionally use flush-o-meters which would flush large volumes of water when required. However in recent years there has been a trend towards water saving fixtures, which also happen to be cheaper to install.
We have recommended to our client that restricted roll toilet paper holders are fitted and additional water is used to flush the cisterns. This will stop the blockages and saving the after hour call outs.

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