Unseen intruders can create chaos

Unseen intruders can create chaos According to the Bureau of Meteorology, last month was Melbourne’s wettest autumn month in a decade. The bureau says 102 millimetres fell on the city last month, making it the wettest April since 2001. It seems that Melbourne’s drought has broken at last. It’s great news for your garden, but […]

Blocked sewer

Longbeach plumbing regularly clears sewer & storm water blockages throughout the week. In general, most blocked drains are caused by tree root incursion through cracks in the drain, whether it is a storm water drain or a sewer pipe. The standard drain blockage is cleared within the hour. Weekends & Mondays are our busiest days […]

What drain pipes are you responsible for?

What is a house connection branch HCB? A house connection branch is the sewer branch from the authority’s sewer main that enters into the property to connect to the HCD. What is a house connection drain HCD? A house connection drain is the sewer system within the property, connecting the sanitary fixtures to the HCB. […]

Still the one You might have noticed tha…

Still the one You might have noticed that the team at Longbeach Plumbing are big fans of a little product called Vaporooter. That’s because we believe it’s the most effective root inhibitor on the market today. But did you know that Vaporooter is no new-comer to the world of blocked pipes? For more than more […]

An informed decision rather than an educated guess.

I am regularly called in to clear a blocked drain that has been cleared by other plumbing firms, on a regular basis. I will generally recommend the use of a drain camera /pipe camera in combination with the hydro-jetter because  it is a significantly more efficient method of clearing a blocked sewer. A drain camera […]

Relief when you need it most.

Relief when you need it most We tend not to think about the impact blocked pipes might have on our home – until it happens! The reality is that all sewer systems are prone to occasional blockages, be it from roots in pipes or waste that has been inappropriately disposed of down your kitchen sink […]

Grease is the word

Do you remember the funny scene from the movie Stuart Little 2 where the plumber, trying to retrieve Mrs Little’s diamond ring from the kitchen sink drain pipe, comments “You people sure like your meatloaf”? How did he know that? It’s because the walls of the drain pipe were coated in a layer of cooking […]

Part two Longbeach Plumbing talking about about tree roots.

Other types of roots The roots, or parts of roots, of many plant species have become specialised to serve many adaptive purposes besides the two primary functions that fine and coarse roots have. Here are just a few different types! Adventitious roots arise out-of-sequence from the more usual root formation of branches of a primary […]

The low-down on roots At Long Beach Plum…

The low-down on roots At Long Beach Plumbing, we spend a lot of time talking about tree roots. Adventitious roots, contractile roots, structural roots − you name a type of root and we’ve got something to say about it. That’s because roots are the most common cause of pipe blockages; something else we know a […]

Sewer Pipe Cleaning prevents blockages f…

Sewer Pipe Cleaning prevents blockages from occurring, such blockages being a leading cause of pipe damage. Longbeach Plumbing’s licensed professionals conduct CCTV drain camera inspections to determine the condition of a pipe and ascertain whether sewer pipe cleaning is necessary. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U286eVQXZ8