What is Leak Detection and why is it so important?

Leak detection is one of the specialised emergency services we provide at Longbeach Plumbing. Our team employs innovative technology, allowing them to determine and locate a leaking asset. Leak detection is essential in reducing our clients water costs and protecting their property assets. If employed immediately, leak detection can significantly minimise exploratory damage when locating a burst asset. 

What is the cause of a burst asset?

There are a number of reasons that can cause a burst asset, such as: 

Pipe corrosion (electrolysis) 

Aging and fatigue in pipes

Fracturing of pipes

Actions to be taken...

Our fully licensed and insured plumbers undertake a number of actions once a leak has been diagnosed. 

Establish the leaking asset 

Determine the location of the burst 

Identify the fault 

Replace or repair the asset 

Longbeach plumbing can appreciate and recognise the importance of protecting our clients property. Our team will always ensure that when locating the leak of an asset, with the least amount of damage and restriction to your home.