Six reasons why Sanafoam Vaporooter is a better solution than just having your regular plumber unblock the sewer with a sewer snake.
1.       The cutting process encourages new & more aggressive regrowth of tree roots.
2.       It becomes a vicious cycle, reducing the time period between each blockage & increases the frequency of cheques you will part with.
3.       The mechanical cutting action causes slight damage to the walls of the pipe, resulting in deterioration over time which will ultimately lead to the drain collapsing.
4.       The thicker regrowth opens the cracks & joints even wider allowing more sewerage to contaminate your soil and more roots to penetrate your pipes.
5.       Sewer blockages typically occur during holidays or weekend periods when the plumbing system is being heavily used, this will result in inconvenience and a costly call out fee to a plumber.
6.       Replacement of the sewer is generally expensive and inconvenient.

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