Longbeach plumbing was called out during the week to a block of 8 units in Moorabbin to survey a sewer with a pipe camera. Another plumbing company had recommended that a 25 meters section of the sewer be relined due to repeated sewer blockages cause by tree roots in the drain. The sewer had blocked multiple times causing after hour call outs which were inconvenient and expensive. The plumbing firm had recommended relining a 25 meters section of sewer which excluded the branch connections for a cost of $17,000. As the branch line were not included in the relining the sewer blockages would continue.
Longbeach Plumbing cleared the sewer which still had multiple tree roots in the pipe & survey the sewer with a CCTV drain camera. We able to confirm that the sewer was structurally stable with only a few minor fractures. In 8 weeks time Sanafoam Vaporooter will be applied to the sewer to treat the main line & branch lines of the sewer at a cost of $660.00. This will provide the client with a 12 month guarantee against sewer blockages due to tree roots in the pipe. Vaporooter will be applied annually to receive the ongoing guarantee.
Vaporooter can be applied to properties with hertiage listed trees as it will not harm the tree

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