Longbeach plumbing regularly clears sewer & storm water blockages throughout the week. In general, most blocked drains are caused by tree root incursion through cracks in the drain, whether it is a storm water drain or a sewer pipe. The standard drain blockage is cleared within the hour. Weekends & Mondays are our busiest days for sewer blockages. The fixtures within the house are used more frequently on the weekend which causes the sewer to overflow into the garden when my clients tend to notice when they are gardening.
This week we were called to a blocked sewer with a difference in Cheltenham.  One of our regular clients called us to a sewer blockage, which a standard sewer machine could not clear. The site was a commercial property which refines honey on a small scale. After hydro jetting the boundary trap for several minutes we noticed that the sewer blockage was discharging a wax like substance. We continued jetting for 20 minutes & were able to piece the obstruction & the sewage discharged into the sewer main.
As the sewer discharged out into the sewer main, a solid clump of honey residue could be viewed on the pipe camera. It was attached to tree root incursions at the base of the boundary trap. We continued to hydro jet, with the aid of the pipe camera, removing the remaining tree roots & honey residue.
Having cleaned the site & packed the equipment away.  We surveyed the site to investigate where the honey residue had come from. We found a fixture which should have had an interceptor trap to collect the residue before it entered the sewer. We recommend that it be fitted before any more refining was done & that the boundary trap be treated annually with Sanafoam Vapoorooter to control the tree root incursions.

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