Blocked Sewers in Cheltenham

Blocked sewers are a common problem in Bayside Melbourne, and it’s important to address them promptly to prevent further damage and potential health hazards. Longbeach Plumbing is a reliable and experienced plumbing service that can help you deal with any sewer blockage issues you may have in the area. Causes of Blocked Sewers There are […]

Hydro jetting to clear blocked sewers in Bayside Melbourne

Longbeach Plumbing uses a hydro jetter to clear obstructed sewer lines for several reasons. Hydro jetting is a highly effective and efficient method of clearing blocked sewer lines, and it offers numerous benefits over traditional drain cleaning methods like snaking or rodding. First and foremost, hydro jetting is incredibly powerful. A hydro jetter uses high-pressure […]

Burst Easy Hooker Connections

Easy-hook plumbing connections are commonly used in plumbing systems and are often located in various areas of a home, including under hand basins, sinks, and cistern connections. These types of connections have a stainless steel wire like design that makes it easy to identify as well as to connect and disconnect pipes, making them a […]

Sewer smoke test by Longbeach Plumbing

Longbeach Plumbing has been trading in the Bayside area of Melbourne for over 40 years. One of the reoccurring enquires we encounter is a foul odours emanating into property, either in or around the sanitary system. Often the fault is easy resolved, by identifying a broken sewer pipe, a disconnected fixture or dried out fixture […]

Blocked sewer

Longbeach plumbing regularly clears sewer & storm water blockages throughout the week. In general, most blocked drains are caused by tree root incursion through cracks in the drain, whether it is a storm water drain or a sewer pipe. The standard drain blockage is cleared within the hour. Weekends & Mondays are our busiest days […]

Relief when you need it most.

Relief when you need it most We tend not to think about the impact blocked pipes might have on our home – until it happens! The reality is that all sewer systems are prone to occasional blockages, be it from roots in pipes or waste that has been inappropriately disposed of down your kitchen sink […]

Grease is the word

Do you remember the funny scene from the movie Stuart Little 2 where the plumber, trying to retrieve Mrs Little’s diamond ring from the kitchen sink drain pipe, comments “You people sure like your meatloaf”? How did he know that? It’s because the walls of the drain pipe were coated in a layer of cooking […]