Overflow relief gullies (ORGs) are an essential component of a sewer system, serving as an emergency relief mechanism for sewage systems. The ORG prevents the sewage from backing up and overflowing into homes or streets by diverting excess water into an overflow pipe or channel. ORGs are commonly found in residential and commercial properties where sewage systems connect to a council sewer. In this article, we will discuss why ORGs are important for a sewer system.

Prevents Sewage Overflow

The primary function of an ORG is to prevent sewage overflow. Sewage overflow can be hazardous to human health, causing an increase in bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause diseases. Furthermore, sewage overflow can cause property damage and environmental pollution, leading to additional costs for cleanup and restoration. By diverting excess water and sewage through an overflow pipe, ORGs prevent these situations from occurring.

Protects Homes and Properties

ORGS play an essential role in protecting homes and properties. Without an ORG, sewage can back up into homes and properties, leading to severe property damage, health hazards, and financial losses. An ORG ensures that the sewage system is functioning correctly, and any excess water and sewage are diverted to a safe location, preventing damage to homes and properties.

Complies with Regulations

ORGS are also required to comply with regulations set by local governments and councils. The Australian Plumbing Code and other similar regulations mandate the installation of ORGs in properties to prevent sewerage overflows. Property owners are required to ensure their properties have ORGs installed and maintained in good working condition to comply with these regulations.

Easy to Install and Maintain

ORGs are easy to install and maintain. The installation process typically involves connecting the ORG to the property’s sewer line, which takes minimal time and effort. Additionally, ORGs require minimal maintenance, typically only requiring cleaning and inspection periodically. This simplicity in installation and maintenance makes ORGs a popular choice for homeowners and property managers.