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You might have noticed that the team at Longbeach Plumbing are big fans of a little product called Vaporooter.
That’s because we believe it’s the most effective root inhibitor on the market today.
But did you know that Vaporooter is no new-comer to the world of blocked pipes?
For more than more than 40 years, Vaporooter has been the go-to solution for sewer cleaning for both the domestic and municipal markets.
We thought you might like to know a bit more about this amazing product and why it’s still the best way to remove roots from your blocked pipes and keep them out.
What is Vaporooter?
Vaporooter is a foam-based herbicide formulated to keep root growth out of your pipes. It works by penetrating the root cell walls and bursting them, causing the root to die and decay.
It contains a root inhibitor that attaches itself to any organic material inside the pipe and sterilises the soil wherever roots have previously gained entry. It’s safe to use in your garden – in fact, its main ingredients are also found in herbicides that are used to control weeds around food crops.
Back to its roots
Vaporooter was developed in 1967 when the County of Sacramento in California decided to seek outside help for the area’s increasing tree root damage to sewers.
City and county officials called on botanist Oliver Leonard at The University of California-Davis to conduct a study to determine why their cutting efforts of sewer roots were not successful and to find an alternative to rid their infrastructure of roots in pipes once and for all. The county’s records noted that frequent cutting was only making the problem worse, causing the roots to reappear thicker and stronger than before the cut.
In the end, the researchers found that the physical environment within a sewer is an ideal growth environment for roots. Since the mechanical root cutting only intensified the problem, the use of chemical treatments was chosen as an alternative solution.
After testing various ingredients, scientists discovered a unique chemical that’s very effective at killing roots without harming the plant itself. It dissipates quickly without leaving any harmful residue behind and, when combined with a second compound, inhibits root regrowth.
Vaporooter was patented and went on to become one of the world’s most effective formulae for unblocking pipes, eliminating roots and preventing re-growth for years to come.
Still going strong
Fast forward forty years and today Vaporooter is used successfully to unblock drains in both domestic and commercial applications throughout the world.
With a proven product and continued development, and by keeping their eyes open to the latest trends in controlling roots in pipes, the company has been able to maintain its position as the market leader in root inhibitor products.
Talk to us today about removing roots from your blocked pipes and keeping them out.

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