In Melbourne tree roots in sewer pipes are the most common reason why many sewers block up. Roots enter sewer pipes through cracks or loose joints. Over half of the tree roots in Melbourne’s sewer system enter through house connection drains which are the property owners reasonably.

Longbeach Plumbing maintains sewers in the Melbourne’s suburbs by using a three step process:

1. Routinely removing roots using of hydro jetting.

2. Systematically inspecting street sewers using drain camera to identify structural defects and rehabilitate or replace structurally deficient sewers.

3. Treating tree roots in sewers with Sanafoam Vaporooter

What Causes Roots to Grow in Pipes?

The soil around a sewer or drain is loose due to the excavation required to lay the drain this, enables the tree roots to grow towards the water vapour that escapes through cracks or loose joints in sewer pipes. Once the tap tree root has reached the drain, it will penetrate through cracks, loose joints or any openings in sewer pipes.

The tree roots will continue to grow and fill the pipe to create a root mass that can become matted with grease, paper and other solid matter. This is what eventually causes a blocked sewer.

As roots continue to grow within a pipe, they begin to expand and exert pressure at their point of entry. This can result in a collapsed sewer. Collapsed sewers can be expensive to fix or replace.

Signs that a sewer is blocked include slow flowing drains, gurgling sounds from a toilet bowl and wet areas around washing machine floor drains. A pipe that is not cleared will become completely blocked and may rupture.

Vitrified Clay pipes in Melbourne are susceptible to tree roots

Certain pipe material is more resistant to root intrusion than others. Rubber ringed Vitrified clay pipes, for example, are more susceptible to root penetration and damage when compared with cast iron or DWV pipes that have fewer and more tightly fitted joints.

What can be done to combat the tree root problem in Melbourne

The most common method to remove roots from sewer pipes is to use sewer machine and or with commercial herbicides that kill roots. Do not, however, use copper sulphate and sodium hydroxide because although these chemicals kill roots, they do not prevent regrowth and will most like kill the tree. A more up-to-date method used to clear sewer blockages is to pump a sanafoam vaporooter, through the pipe to have a 364 day guarantee. Longbeach Plumbing is a licensed applicator of Sanafoam Vaporooter. It is a non systemic herbicide that will not kill the tree.

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