Prevention is the best cure for inconvenient sewer overflows due to blocked drains.
The smell from the effluent from a blocked sewer is a magnet flies & bacteria which can also pose a health risk. Numerous of factors that contribute towards sewer blockages, and more often than not they are the result of months of build up.
There are however warning signals that a blocked drain is looming, which if indentified early prevent after hour call outs.

  1. Foul odours are potentially a sign of blockages.
  2. Traps syphoning out of fixtures.
  3. Sucking & gurgling are sounds associated with blockages
  4. Sanitary fixtures with water not draining clear.
  5. Overflowing of internal or exterior gully grates IS shafts and vents.
  6. Debris around gully grates.

It is often the most obvious things that are the biggest offenders;

  1. Excessive toilet paper is one of the most common causes of blockages on public or high use toilet facilities.
  2. The disposal of nappy liners and sanitary items down toilets.
  3. Fat, grease and oil, stick to the insides of drains and solidify to cause an obstruction in the sewer.
  4. Tree roots are common causes for sewer blockages which in turn damaged pipe work.
  5. Hair slipping down shower drains and basins creates drain blockages.

Longbeach plumbing has varity of solutions to the clear blockages using Air guns, Sewer machines, Hydro jetters , CCTV drain cameras, Bio clean , Vaporooter are just a few of the methods used to keep drains clear.
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