1.      If you have an insinkorator use Bio Clean regularly on the sink and other fixtures to prevent blockages, refer to a web page on Bio clean
2.      Do not put sanitary products, paper towelling, flush plastics, fabrics, motor oil, petrol, solvents, paints, or any non-biodegradable products into the sewer.
3.      Do not plant large trees on top of underground sewer lines. Longbeach Plumbing can locate the precise position and depth of stormwater and sewer lines or apply Sanafoam vaporooter to the sewer line if the tree is already established.
4.      Put cooking fat, oil and grease in the bin, not the of down the kitchen sink.
5.      Put coffee grindings in the bin.
6.      Do not cover or block any external grates or overflow relief gullies.
7.      Longbeach Plumbing is a approved applicator of sanafoam vaporooter which provides a 364 day guarantee against sewer blockages from tree roots in the sewer refer to a web page on vaporooter

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