Sewage forces couple from home.
Yahoo!7 July 24, 2012, 12:50 pm
A Tweed Heads couple say they have been forced to live in a motel and accuse their council of refusing to take responsibility for raw sewage flooding their home.
Neil Smith and Linda Clarke say they have been homeless for over four weeks after their entire dwelling was flooded with human faeces.
“I opened the door and the dogs were all jumping around and wet. It wasn’t until I stepped into the room that I comprehended what had happened,” Ms Clarke told News Limited.
“I was gobsmacked. I didn’t know what to do, it was surreal.
“When the water dissipated it left behind what was basically diarrhoea and toilet paper.”
The couple, who have lived in their house since purchasing it in 2006, say the state of their house resembled a crime scene while cleaners took a week to mop up the mess.
“It was like a CSI show. The cleaners were in one-piece suits and wearing protection masks,” Mr Smith said.
“All we’ve been left with is the ceilings, outer walls and the frame.”
“The only thing was on the day before we heard a glugging noise coming from the toilet, so we poured a bottle of disinfectant down it.
“It was obviously the start of something but otherwise we have had no problems in the six years we’ve lived here.
The couple will meet with Council geenral manager David Keenan next week, who says the matter is in the hands of insurers.
“Council is in the process of meeting with the family involved in order to sort out the issues involved with this incident,” Mr Keenan said.
“The matter is also being addressed by the insurance companies acting on behalf of both parties.”

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