Blocked kitchen drain? Longbeach plumbing regularly clears drains where there has been build up of grease in drains, that has caused a major blockage in the sewer system, (especially in commercial situations e.g. Restaurants.). Grease solidifies once it cools, it becomes rock hard and will prevent the drain from flowing. Longbeach Plumbing uses Grease Release which is a specially formulated non toxic liquid. It penetrates even the hardest grease build ups, breaks down the grease particles and prevents them from sticking to each other. This forms a grease sludge which can now be removed from the drain. There five steps 1. The greasy waste is cleaned with high pressure water. 2. Once the drain is partially flowing, Longbeach Plumbing introduces Grease Release to the high pressure water. 3. The Grease release is left to soak in and breakdown the grease inside the drain. 4. Once the Grease Release has done its job, a final high pressure clean removes all the grease sludge. 5. The drain is cleaned again annually with Grease Release to prevent any further grease build up. Grease trap prior to being pumped out and treated with grease release

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