Longbeach Plumbing can help address tree root intrusion issues in earthenware sewers through the use of Vaporooter. Vaporooter is a chemical solution specifically designed to control and inhibit tree root growth within sewer pipes. Here’s how Longbeach Plumbing can assist with Vaporooter:

  1. Assessment: Longbeach Plumbing can conduct a thorough assessment of your sewer system to determine the extent of root intrusion and identify the most affected areas. This assessment helps in devising an appropriate plan of action.
  2. Vaporooter application: Once the problem areas are identified, Longbeach Plumbing can apply Vaporooter to the affected sections of the earthenware sewer pipes. Vaporooter is typically applied as a foam or mist, allowing it to permeate the pipe walls and target the roots within.
  3. Root inhibition: Vaporooter contains a herbicide called dichlobenil, which is effective in inhibiting root growth. When the tree roots come into contact with Vaporooter-treated pipes, the herbicide is absorbed by the roots, suppressing their growth and preventing further intrusion.
  4. Regular maintenance: Longbeach Plumbing can establish a maintenance schedule to reapply Vaporooter as needed. Regular treatments help ensure continuous root inhibition and minimize the risk of blockages and structural damage caused by tree roots.
  5. Non-damaging to pipes: One advantage of Vaporooter is that it is designed to be non-damaging to pipes. It targets only the tree roots while leaving the pipe structure intact. This allows for long-term root control without causing harm to the earthenware sewer pipes.
  6. Preventive measure: Vaporooter can also be used as a preventive measure in areas with a history of tree root intrusion. By proactively applying Vaporooter to sewer pipes, Longbeach Plumbing can create a barrier that deters root growth and reduces the likelihood of future issues.
  7. Professional expertise: Longbeach Plumbing has the experience and expertise in handling tree root intrusion problems. They understand the complexities involved in treating earthenware sewers and can provide effective solutions using Vaporooter.

It’s important to note that Vaporooter is a specialized treatment and should be applied by trained professionals. Longbeach Plumbing can ensure proper application and adherence to safety guidelines, maximizing the effectiveness of Vaporooter in controlling tree root intrusion in earthenware sewers.