TREE ROOTS AND SEWERS credit to Yarra Valley Water

TREE ROOTS AND SEWERS Over 75% of all sewer blockages are caused by tree roots finding their way into our sewer pipes. Trees are beautiful, shady and provide valuable shelter for local fauna, but their root systems can have a devastating effect on your sewer pipes. Planted too close to the sewer, your beautiful tree […]

Blocked kitchen sink?

Blocked kitchen drain? Longbeach plumbing regularly clears drains where there has been build up of grease in drains, that has caused a major blockage in the sewer system, (especially in commercial situations e.g. Restaurants.). Grease solidifies once it cools, it becomes rock hard and will prevent the drain from flowing. Longbeach Plumbing uses Grease Release […]

Angie's advice: Listen to your drains for sounds of sewer problems

Written by Angie Hicks The average homeowner likely knows that sewer lines help transport wastewater from the home to underground mains. Other than that, most homeowners probably don’t think about what goes on in their sewer lines. When there’s a problem, though, homeowners must take notice. A sewer line clog could lead to raw sewage […]

Water and sewer officials said cooking grease is behind overflow

Water and sewer officials said cooking grease is behind overflow 6,800+ gallons of water spilled into creek Updated: Wednesday, 12 Sep 2012, 6:08 PM CDT Published : Wednesday, 12 Sep 2012, 1:43 PM CDT Steve Alexander MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – There was a nasty problem in west Mobile Tuesday some said could have been prevented. […]

Don’t let this happen to you

Sewage forces couple from home. Yahoo!7 July 24, 2012, 12:50 pm A Tweed Heads couple say they have been forced to live in a motel and accuse their council of refusing to take responsibility for raw sewage flooding their home. Neil Smith and Linda Clarke say they have been homeless for over four weeks after […]

Longbeach Plumbing tips to minimise the risk of sewer blockages

1.      If you have an insinkorator use Bio Clean regularly on the sink and other fixtures to prevent blockages, refer to a web page on Bio clean 2.      Do not put sanitary products, paper towelling, flush plastics, fabrics, motor oil, petrol, solvents, paints, or any non-biodegradable products into the sewer. 3.      Do not plant large […]

Blocked waste pipes

Drain Air gun Longbeach plumbing is regularly called out to clear blocked waste pipes in hampton. Wastes pipes typically used to connect sinks, troughs, basin, shower, baths to the sewer system. Over the years slim, fat, oil , grease, hair, & soap builds up in the waste pipe which cause blockages. These can be cleared […]

Unseen intruders can create chaos

Unseen intruders can create chaos According to the Bureau of Meteorology, last month was Melbourne’s wettest autumn month in a decade. The bureau says 102 millimetres fell on the city last month, making it the wettest April since 2001. It seems that Melbourne’s drought has broken at last. It’s great news for your garden, but […]

Blocked sewer

Longbeach plumbing regularly clears sewer & storm water blockages throughout the week. In general, most blocked drains are caused by tree root incursion through cracks in the drain, whether it is a storm water drain or a sewer pipe. The standard drain blockage is cleared within the hour. Weekends & Mondays are our busiest days […]

Part two Longbeach Plumbing talking about about tree roots.

Other types of roots The roots, or parts of roots, of many plant species have become specialised to serve many adaptive purposes besides the two primary functions that fine and coarse roots have. Here are just a few different types! Adventitious roots arise out-of-sequence from the more usual root formation of branches of a primary […]